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The Final Deception update

The Final Deception is coming along. Here’s a peek:

All in all, though, your partner is lucky to be alive. He’s one incredibly lucky fellow.”
Samantha Atwood said a silent prayer of thanks, wiped the unbidden tears from her eyes, and impulsively stood and hugged the doctor.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she smiled up at him. “Is he conscious? Can I see him before he goes to the OR?”
“Yes, he’s drifting in and out. You can see him just for a couple seconds. We’ve got to get going into surgery. Follow me.”
Sam hurried after the doctor as he led her back into the emergency room cubicle. She saw a washed-out version of Quay lying on the bed. Wires were attached to his chest, and IVs were attached to both arms. She thought to herself, this wasn’t real. It wasn’t really Quay. Quay was strong. Quay was invincible. But this version was barely there. This was a dangerously close to death, unrecognizable body.
“Quay?” she whispered bending near his ear. “Quay? Can you hear me?”
One blue eye opened in a small slit, peering out at her under thick lashes.
She placed a hand on his head, running her fingers carefully through his thick, blond hair. It was a caress of caring that she hoped he could sense.
“Quay, I’m so sorry! I should have stayed with you. I shouldn’t have gone the opposite direction. This shouldn’t have happened. I’m so sorry.” She was fumbling for words, her voice shaking.
Quay shook his head slightly and forced out a gravelly, “No! Not your fault! My stupidity.”
“We are going to make this right! I’m going to follow up with Sunni. We will get them. This will be ended. You need to be strong. Concentrate on healing that leg. I’m going to see Boogie. I’ll be back after your surgery. You understand?”
Quay nodded and closed his eyes, with a mumbled “Okay.”
Sam patted his shoulder, squeezing a bit for encouragement, and turned to go.
“Sam?” Quay said with a slightly stronger urgency to his voice.
She turned back, staring at him, the worry resonating through her face. He was looking directly at her with those fierce blue eyes. Something was different, though.
“I’m going to want some bubble gum when I get out of surgery. And some beer. Better bring lots of both.”
She laughed for what seemed like the first time in hours. The twinkle was still there. He was going to be all right.


Time Magazine Person of the Year

I was so pleased to see that the CRISPR research team was in the finals for Time magazine’s Person of the Year! Fantastic, fascinating research! When I started writing The Final Deception a little over a year ago, the CRISPR research was just beginning to make the news. This study of genetics is going to change everything. There are already people involved in human trials! I’m almost done with my sequel to Deception and Redemption. The Final Deception will be ready soon. CRISPR plays a huge role in the plot! On to finding a publisher.