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A few new lines…

I’m not sure what I’ve shared with you before. Some of you have asked about the relationship between Bureau of Criminal Apprehension partners Samantha “Sam” Atwood and Quay Thompson. I hope you’ll enjoy their new relationship as they track the bad guys in the Deception 3 book. #stillworkingonit #itsaworkinprogress #comingalongnicely #gotquiteawaystogothough #alittlemurder #alittlekidnapping #alittlellovestory Here’s another sneak peek for you:

The opening to the tunnel lay hidden behind an overgrowth of weeds and tall clusters of spiked-leaved bushes. Sam had wandered away from Quay when she spied the dark opening hidden behind a cluster of branches. She was unsure at first if she had really seen it, but when she pulled a couple branches aside, she realized it was clearly the old entrance to a tunnel. A thorn caught the edge of her jacket and she yanked it free, snagging threads of cloth and scraping a thorn across her finger.
“Ouch!” She muttered.
“What’s the matter?” asked Quay as he came up behind her and looked over her shoulder.
“Dang it! I just snagged my finger and my jacket pocket on the thorns from this bush.” She thrust a finger into her mouth to staunch blood droplets. “But look what I found!” She carefully reached in again and pulled aside a branch to reveal the opening for Quay.
“I think this might be what we’ve been looking for,” he said as he carefully pulled several more branches aside. Looking at the ground in front of the shrubbery, he saw what they had missed before in their first search of the area. There were scuff marks streaking through the dirt. Something had been dragged through here.

This Writing Job…

You know, this writing business just ain’t easy! I have this whole story crammed in my head wanting to get out, but it takes so long to get all those details into words and down on paper so that it turns out the way I picture the story. Wish I could just do a Harry Potter/Dumbledore thought stream. That’d be so much easier!