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Are you ready? I just uploaded DARK DECEPTIONS: A Quay Thompson Novel to be ready on Amazon on October 15th. It’s a thrill ride for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension detectives, Quay Thompson and Samantha Atwood. This time the case brings them to the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas. The suspense begins, and the chase is on! I’ll let you know when it’s out!

From Dark Deceptions: A Quay Thompson Novel

I took a few days off for vacation, but the computer went with me. So I thought you might enjoy a little bit about some recreation time in Arkansas for Quay and Chip. #thetitleisset😀 #Itsgettingcloser #imstillworkingonit
–From Dark Deceptions: A Quay Thompson Novel–
The familiar quick tug on his line jerked him back to reality. The ensuing battle with the fish revived him. It turned out to be a good-sized bass. He smiled in satisfaction, dropping the fish into the live catch on board. He’d need a few more of those to make a good breakfast, he thought. He baited his hook again and cast the line back into the water.
It was just after seven-thirty when Quay nudged the boat back into its mooring spot at the dock. The sun was just edging into the morning sky.
Before he stepped out of the boat, he heard commotion up at the house, and looked up the walk to see Chip, just released by someone, and bounding down to the shore to greet him. Tail high, ears flapping, Chip made a fearless flying leap into the water creating an enormous ‘Moses parting the water’ splash. It was a perfect golden retriever dive, and his body dipped entirely underwater before his head broke the surface. He snorted once, and began smoothly paddling in a circle around the boat looking up at Quay all the time. Quay had to laugh at the dog’s pure delight.
“Good morning, Chip,” Quay said. “How’s my boy this morning? Are you having a good swim?” Quay stood for a moment allowing Chip to swim aimlessly in circles. Chip was in his element. He couldn’t take that away from him, and he let him swim a while longer. He tied up the boat and gathered up his catch. He had five good-sized bass. He left the rod and tackle box in the boat in hopes that he’d find more time later to fish. He climbed onto the dock, finally calling Chip to come with him.
Chip came up to the shore, and Quay waited patiently for the dog to thoroughly shake from head to tail, before he began the walk to the house. As he started up toward the house, he called again over his shoulder to the young golden who had become distracted by smells along the shore. “Let’s go, Chip. Time to go in. We’ve got breakfast.”


For those who ask, “How’s the book coming?” It’s coming along nicely! I’m writing for several hours daily. So far, Quay and Sam are married, and they (and a few new characters) have had some interesting adventures by the Boundary Waters along the North Shore in Minnesota. They’ve traveled south and have already been to Picher, Oklahoma, to the abandoned lead mine sites, to the Joplin, Missouri PD for meetings with FBI and DEA, and on to Bella Vista and Gravette, Arkansas, following the trail of–well, you know. 😁
They’ve even gotten into a chase through the Old Spanish Treasure Cave outside Gravette! Holy Buckets!!It’s a fun, wild ride, and it’s close to half done.
New title? Maybe The Foreign Deception. Not sure, yet.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read Deception and Redemption or The Final Deception, get them now so you’ll be ready for the third book in the series.
Just check out my author name or the book titles on for paperbacks and ebooks. Now – Back to Work!

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Traveling on Down the Road

Since we moved to NW Arkansas from the Twin Cities in Minnesota in 2003, we have traveled Interstate 35W too many times to count. Each time, we comment on many of the same points of interest as we travel the route. I’ve included some of these in my next Deception book (yet to be titled) as the story moves from Minnesota to Joplin, Missouri, into Picher, Oklahoma, and further into Northwest Arkansas. I’m curious as to whether my readers have other remembrances of their travels along that route? Tell me what you think. Here’s just a short bit from the next Deception novel:

The rich, black farmlands of soybeans in southern Minnesota and cornfields in northern Iowa soon morphed into solar farms north of Des Moines. The afternoon sun reflected off the brilliant white towers of hundreds of solar windmills built on both sides of the highway. Three enormous blades moved in graceful, slow motion arcs atop each of the tall towers erected to stand in rows mirroring a farmer’s crop. No wonder they called them solar farms, Sam thought. The flat Iowa farmland provided a perfect location for the solar farms. ….
Quay slowed as they entered several miles of construction south of Des Moines. “We always say construction is one of the four seasons in Minnesota. Looks like Iowa has that season, too,” commented Quay.
Sam knew Quay was anxious about any slowdowns, especially those due to construction. He was totally focused on getting to their destination as soon as possible. To distract him, she began pointing out interesting billboards and signs along the way.
“I saw a sign for the birthplace of John Wayne in Winterset a while back, and it’s got the covered bridges there, too. They were the setting for the book, ‘The Bridges of Madison County’. It was a movie, too. Did you see the signs? You love John Wayne. And I loved both Bridges book and the movie. Wouldn’t that be an interesting place to visit?”
Quay gave a noncommittal “Uh huh,” as he unwrapped a fresh package of bubble gum.
Undeterred, Sam continued to point out spots for future visits. Suggesting that the Amish community in Lamoni might be another good place to visit, Sam pointed out a black, horse-drawn buggy silhouetted on an overpass, just before the state line as they headed into Missouri.
“When we get to actually enjoy our honeymoon, Quay, maybe we could visit some of these places, what do you think?”
“We will make all those stops part of our honeymoon, Mrs. Thompson, I promise. We can look into them on our way back, after this case is through. First things, first, though, you know.”
“I’m going to hold you to that, Mr. Thompson.” She thought she’d better make notes of these sites for their return trip.

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A few new lines…

I’m not sure what I’ve shared with you before. Some of you have asked about the relationship between Bureau of Criminal Apprehension partners Samantha “Sam” Atwood and Quay Thompson. I hope you’ll enjoy their new relationship as they track the bad guys in the Deception 3 book. #stillworkingonit #itsaworkinprogress #comingalongnicely #gotquiteawaystogothough #alittlemurder #alittlekidnapping #alittlellovestory Here’s another sneak peek for you:

The opening to the tunnel lay hidden behind an overgrowth of weeds and tall clusters of spiked-leaved bushes. Sam had wandered away from Quay when she spied the dark opening hidden behind a cluster of branches. She was unsure at first if she had really seen it, but when she pulled a couple branches aside, she realized it was clearly the old entrance to a tunnel. A thorn caught the edge of her jacket and she yanked it free, snagging threads of cloth and scraping a thorn across her finger.
“Ouch!” She muttered.
“What’s the matter?” asked Quay as he came up behind her and looked over her shoulder.
“Dang it! I just snagged my finger and my jacket pocket on the thorns from this bush.” She thrust a finger into her mouth to staunch blood droplets. “But look what I found!” She carefully reached in again and pulled aside a branch to reveal the opening for Quay.
“I think this might be what we’ve been looking for,” he said as he carefully pulled several more branches aside. Looking at the ground in front of the shrubbery, he saw what they had missed before in their first search of the area. There were scuff marks streaking through the dirt. Something had been dragged through here.

This Writing Job…

You know, this writing business just ain’t easy! I have this whole story crammed in my head wanting to get out, but it takes so long to get all those details into words and down on paper so that it turns out the way I picture the story. Wish I could just do a Harry Potter/Dumbledore thought stream. That’d be so much easier!

More Deception working draft:

And a few more lines for you from the new Deception#3:

The shadowed form in the woods crouched low into the brush. Field glasses focused on Quay Thompson, then Samantha Atwood Thompson, and finally on Samantha’s sister, Sara Atwood, and lingered there. He was too far away to hear the words, but he could tell that the wedding ceremony had been completed. Sara Atwood had been surrounded the entire time. She would come into view, and then someone would step in next to her, while someone else stepped in front of her. Even during the wedding, he had not been able to get a clear view of her for any length of time. He wondered what she had told them about the memo she had read. They had to know something. They were obviously protecting her. He doubted if they really knew what they were protecting her from. If they had known, they would have had a much larger force present to watch out for her. And they’d have been searching for someone like him in the woods. Perhaps she hadn’t told them everything, he thought. He hoped not. For her sake.


Beginning with Deception #3

Most of you know I’ve been working on book #3. Working title is just Deception 3 for now. I’ll share a few lines with you as I can. If you remember the two main characters Quay Thompson and Samantha Atwood, you also know that they became engaged at the end of the last book. Now, it’s time for wedding before the wild ride into Deception begins.(And it will be a wild ride – right down here to Arkansas! But it begins on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.) Here you go:

The dawn began creeping just above the horizon with opaque, foggy damp misty feathers skimming low over the lake. Gulls had awakened, too, and were taking turns swooping and skimming over the waves searching for a breakfast of fish swimming near the surface. Their harsh squawks echoed through the mist. He glanced up catching movement further along the edge of the woods and watched as a doe and her two fawns stepped gingerly out of the brush, ears up, and white tails twitching. The searching birds and the deer had come at daybreak to the shore to meet the coming of the full sunrise. It was going to be a perfect day for his wedding.
He noticed the lights snap on up in the house. The family was up and moving about. Quay stood, stretched to his full 6’4” height, and began a slow climb back up the trail to the house, using his hiking boots to dig for traction into the pine needle strewn path. The wooden screen door screeched open, and Samantha Atwood poked her head out scanning the area until her eyes lit on Quay ambling up the path.
“Quay! What on earth were you doing down there so early? It’s barely light out. And it’s a wee bit chilly, don’t you think?”
“Got coffee! It’s okay,” Quay lifted his mug in demonstration and flashed a quick smile. He approached her and pulled her to him with a quick kiss. “How’s my bride-to-be this morning?”
“I’m great! The forecast is for a perfect wedding day!”
“The weather guy said that? A perfect day for a wedding?”
“Yeah. Well, something along the line that it was going to be a perfect day. I assumed he meant it would be perfect for our wedding.” She smiled, gave him a quick squeeze, kissing him back.
“Mmmm. You smell good. Love that spicy musk cologne you’re wearing. We may have to move the wedding time up!” She winked, gave him another quick hug, and grabbed his hand, leading him into the house. He chuckled and followed after her.