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A QUICK WRITE FOR November 13th:
The shift has begun. Summer ends. Fall showers of leaves circle us with whirlwinds of color. Winter pushes at us with spits of sleet and fingers of cold. Throughout these days, it is the shift from daylight time to central time that is the hardest. I’m not ready for this shift.

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Just running through some stuff I’d written about ten years ago. Found “Giggles”. Still makes me smile…Hope you will, too.

We were sitting in a restaurant last night having dinner when giggles erupted from a young child behind us. At first, it didn’t catch our attention. Then the giggles bounced out again in a longer string. And again. And again. And again.
It brought to mind the times in the past when we’ve been attacked by the giggles. Do you remember ever having a giggling fit?
They come out of nowhere sometimes. You can be perfectly serious, perfectly sane. Then someone says one thing that hits your funny bone just right. The giggle begins as a smile, expands to a small chuckle, then an outright laugh and finally expands into a long waterfall of giggles. And suddenly you can’t stop. You just have to laugh and laugh and laugh. Tears roll down your cheeks, you catch your breath for a moment, manage to put on a serious face, and then suddenly there it is again. That giggle just forces its way out! And you start allover again.
Our daughter was (and I think still is) a giggler. She began with that particular infection when she was about six-months-old. She’d begin giggling over a little tummy tickle. She has always had a deep, full-bodied giggle, so it would begin in her tummy and rumble out with a burble of laughter falling all over itself. She’d giggle so hard, she couldn’t stop. Before long we’d find ourselves giggling right along with her. Over who knows what?
Shelly continued giggling right into her toddler years. Our neighbor dubbed her Giggles. It was a fitting name. She giggled when he said, “Hi, Giggles.” She giggled when she made something cute. She giggled when she saw a dog or a cat. She giggled when she was tossed into the air. She was a giggler.
Laughter is so contagious. And it feels so good. It lifts weight you didn’t know you had right off your shoulders. It brings tears to your eyes. And unfortunately in the case of some people, it brings moisture to other parts of their bodies!
But isn’t it great to just let out a belly full of giggles? We enjoyed the giggler in the restaurant last night. We found ourselves giggling a bit, too. And we reminisced a little about all the great giggles we’ve had in our family. What a wonderful gift it is to laugh. Gail

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The bubblegum chewing BCA detective QUAY THOMPSON is back in a new detective/crime mystery, DARK DECEPTIONS: A QUAY THOMPSON NOVEL. Travel down a thrilling highway of deceptions beginning in Arizona, and traveling from Minnesota to Oklahoma, Missouri, and Northwest Arkansas. You can purchase the paperback or eBook TODAY on Amazon.
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It’s coming soon!

Are you ready? I just uploaded DARK DECEPTIONS: A Quay Thompson Novel to be ready on Amazon on October 15th. It’s a thrill ride for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension detectives, Quay Thompson and Samantha Atwood. This time the case brings them to the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas. The suspense begins, and the chase is on! I’ll let you know when it’s out!

From Dark Deceptions: A Quay Thompson Novel

I took a few days off for vacation, but the computer went with me. So I thought you might enjoy a little bit about some recreation time in Arkansas for Quay and Chip. #thetitleisset😀 #Itsgettingcloser #imstillworkingonit
–From Dark Deceptions: A Quay Thompson Novel–
The familiar quick tug on his line jerked him back to reality. The ensuing battle with the fish revived him. It turned out to be a good-sized bass. He smiled in satisfaction, dropping the fish into the live catch on board. He’d need a few more of those to make a good breakfast, he thought. He baited his hook again and cast the line back into the water.
It was just after seven-thirty when Quay nudged the boat back into its mooring spot at the dock. The sun was just edging into the morning sky.
Before he stepped out of the boat, he heard commotion up at the house, and looked up the walk to see Chip, just released by someone, and bounding down to the shore to greet him. Tail high, ears flapping, Chip made a fearless flying leap into the water creating an enormous ‘Moses parting the water’ splash. It was a perfect golden retriever dive, and his body dipped entirely underwater before his head broke the surface. He snorted once, and began smoothly paddling in a circle around the boat looking up at Quay all the time. Quay had to laugh at the dog’s pure delight.
“Good morning, Chip,” Quay said. “How’s my boy this morning? Are you having a good swim?” Quay stood for a moment allowing Chip to swim aimlessly in circles. Chip was in his element. He couldn’t take that away from him, and he let him swim a while longer. He tied up the boat and gathered up his catch. He had five good-sized bass. He left the rod and tackle box in the boat in hopes that he’d find more time later to fish. He climbed onto the dock, finally calling Chip to come with him.
Chip came up to the shore, and Quay waited patiently for the dog to thoroughly shake from head to tail, before he began the walk to the house. As he started up toward the house, he called again over his shoulder to the young golden who had become distracted by smells along the shore. “Let’s go, Chip. Time to go in. We’ve got breakfast.”


For those who ask, “How’s the book coming?” It’s coming along nicely! I’m writing for several hours daily. So far, Quay and Sam are married, and they (and a few new characters) have had some interesting adventures by the Boundary Waters along the North Shore in Minnesota. They’ve traveled south and have already been to Picher, Oklahoma, to the abandoned lead mine sites, to the Joplin, Missouri PD for meetings with FBI and DEA, and on to Bella Vista and Gravette, Arkansas, following the trail of–well, you know. 😁
They’ve even gotten into a chase through the Old Spanish Treasure Cave outside Gravette! Holy Buckets!!It’s a fun, wild ride, and it’s close to half done.
New title? Maybe The Foreign Deception. Not sure, yet.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read Deception and Redemption or The Final Deception, get them now so you’ll be ready for the third book in the series.
Just check out my author name or the book titles on for paperbacks and ebooks. Now – Back to Work!

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Traveling on Down the Road

Since we moved to NW Arkansas from the Twin Cities in Minnesota in 2003, we have traveled Interstate 35W too many times to count. Each time, we comment on many of the same points of interest as we travel the route. I’ve included some of these in my next Deception book (yet to be titled) as the story moves from Minnesota to Joplin, Missouri, into Picher, Oklahoma, and further into Northwest Arkansas. I’m curious as to whether my readers have other remembrances of their travels along that route? Tell me what you think. Here’s just a short bit from the next Deception novel:

The rich, black farmlands of soybeans in southern Minnesota and cornfields in northern Iowa soon morphed into solar farms north of Des Moines. The afternoon sun reflected off the brilliant white towers of hundreds of solar windmills built on both sides of the highway. Three enormous blades moved in graceful, slow motion arcs atop each of the tall towers erected to stand in rows mirroring a farmer’s crop. No wonder they called them solar farms, Sam thought. The flat Iowa farmland provided a perfect location for the solar farms. ….
Quay slowed as they entered several miles of construction south of Des Moines. “We always say construction is one of the four seasons in Minnesota. Looks like Iowa has that season, too,” commented Quay.
Sam knew Quay was anxious about any slowdowns, especially those due to construction. He was totally focused on getting to their destination as soon as possible. To distract him, she began pointing out interesting billboards and signs along the way.
“I saw a sign for the birthplace of John Wayne in Winterset a while back, and it’s got the covered bridges there, too. They were the setting for the book, ‘The Bridges of Madison County’. It was a movie, too. Did you see the signs? You love John Wayne. And I loved both Bridges book and the movie. Wouldn’t that be an interesting place to visit?”
Quay gave a noncommittal “Uh huh,” as he unwrapped a fresh package of bubble gum.
Undeterred, Sam continued to point out spots for future visits. Suggesting that the Amish community in Lamoni might be another good place to visit, Sam pointed out a black, horse-drawn buggy silhouetted on an overpass, just before the state line as they headed into Missouri.
“When we get to actually enjoy our honeymoon, Quay, maybe we could visit some of these places, what do you think?”
“We will make all those stops part of our honeymoon, Mrs. Thompson, I promise. We can look into them on our way back, after this case is through. First things, first, though, you know.”
“I’m going to hold you to that, Mr. Thompson.” She thought she’d better make notes of these sites for their return trip.

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