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New characters coming…

Had a fabulous time at the Gravette Public Library’s  50’s themed Mystery dinner gala last night. Thanks to the auction, we have a couple new characters coming in the next Deception novel. Many thanks to those who bid to become a part of the next book while supporting the library. I can hardly wait to share these new characters with you! …you can’t make this stuff up!


The Boundary Waters Deception…

The Boundary Waters Wilderness is the setting for my next book. The destruction of it by a Chilean copper mining company is the focal point of the plot for the book. The Boundary Waters need to be kept as pristine and beautiful as they have always been. There’s danger afoot! It’s a Boundary Waters Deception! I’ll tell you all about it…when I finish getting it written down.

See the following blog post from Friends of the Boundary Waters posted September 6, 2018:

The Trump administration’s huge gift to foreign-owned corporations

Posted on September 6, 2018 by Peter Marshall

Today, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced that he would cancel the application for a proposed 20-year mining ban on 234,000 acres of federal lands in the Superior National Forest. This mineral withdrawal would have protected the Rainy River watershed and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness from the threat of sulfide mining.

Along with impacting the hundreds of thousands of individuals who visit the Boundary Waters each year, this decision will hurt the thousands of people whose livelihoods and economic wellbeing has been built on a thriving outdoor recreation economy in the region.

In a public statement, Perdue says, “It’s our duty as responsible stewards of our environment to maintain and protect our natural resources.  At the same time, we must put our national forests to work for the taxpayers to support local economies and create jobs.”

Ironically, this statement and the federal government’s action comes only days after an economic analysis from Harvard University found overwhelming evidence that opening the region to mining would, in the long run, hurt the regional economy.

By ignoring science, economic studies, disregarding the overwhelming public support of the mining ban made during the comment periods and not allowing the environmental assessment study to be completed, one has to wonder: What prompted this decision?

Today, the Trump administration did a huge favor to Twin Metals and other foreign mining companies who will profit off our public land, pollute a unique ecosystem and harm the thriving economy built around this wilderness.

What does this mean going forward?

The 20-year mineral withdrawal would have been one of the most effective ways to protect the Boundary Waters from the devastating effects sulfide-ore mining.

Currently, there are several dozen federal prospecting permits in place and even more pending review. This means that in the coming years we will have several more Twin Metals and Poly Met-sized fights.

Northeastern Minnesota is blessed with incredible beauty.

That beauty is worth protecting.

The Kitchen Sink Updated…2018

Gail Lee CowdinWhen I began my blog, I decided to call it The Kitchen Sink. It was intended to be a bit of this…a bit of that. Some of it being messy, cluttered, stacked and wedged in piles like those dirty dishes from the day’s meals waiting in the sink. Bits of ‘food’ left from dining that need to be cleared up.
And since I began the blog three years ago, the “kitchen sink” has been just that. I’ve written about my mother with dementia, my issues with time, family, my dog, days spent just getting by, and days of writing until I could finally publish my first book, and then my second. (That was a surprise!)
Some days, writing comes easy, and I can’t stop. It’s as if some other person has inhabited my mind and is dictating what to write. I don’t know where it’s going, but it quickly fills page after page. Other days it’s just a ‘slogging through the slough’ kind of struggle. (I guess that’s an image from the days I tagged along hunting ducks with my husband and son.)
All in all, though, writing is a release. Thoughts and ideas flit through my brain demanding attention. And what am I to do? I just write it all down. Afraid I might forget some poignant thought? Hardly! Just driven to clarify, demystify, organize, and put the pieces together in a nice order. To make some kind of sense. To clean it up, wash and dry those dishes and put them back in the cupboard. That’s what it is. And sometimes, the dishes need to soak a bit before they can come clean. See what I mean? It just takes patience. And then, in the right time, all of it will come together. There may be another book in there. Who knows?Gail