The Spirit Tree Deceptions: A Quay Thompson and Butterfly Silverfeather Novel is here!

At Last It’s Here! I’m excited to introduce you to Butterfly Silverfeather. She’s an amazing woman with an interesting past.

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The Spirit Tree  Deceptions will be available on Kindle eBook 11/20/23
The Spirit Tree  Deceptions paperback will be available beginning on 11/21/23
The Spirit Tree Deceptions hard back will be available beginning on 11/23/23

I will be setting up a book talk and signing schedule soon and will post it here and on  my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Gail Lee Cowdin continues her popular detective crime novels with the fourth novel in the Deception series with a riveting coming-of-age story. The Spirit Tree Deceptions: A Quay Thompson and Butterfly Silverfeather Novel journey begins with the Spirit Tree, an ancient cedar tree, on the shores of the great Gitch-Gumi and one young Anishinabee woman who realizes she is capable of making a transformative impact on the world she knows. When twelve-year-old Grace Memengwaa Byrd is introduced to the five-hundred-year-old The Spirit Tree, she is overpowered by cries, pleas, and unfamiliar voices calling out to her from the tree. It is her awakening.The story of her new life as Butterfly Silverfeather begins in northern Minnesota and continues to Northwest Arkansas. It is a tale filled with trauma, beauty, suspense, and a look into the beautiful culture and resilience of the Indigenous people.  Butterfly Silverfeather’s story is an exciting, action-filled, powerful journey spanning twenty years. This is a tale of kidnapping, greed, murder, power-plays, and numerous deceptions that propel one woman forward with her strong beliefs and perseverance toward a surprising, gratifying conclusion.

By the way, in addition to the story I’ve written, you will be purchasing a piece of art. The cover for The Spirit Tree Deceptions  is the work of artist Rosie Floyd who did the painting and  her husband Dave Floyd who “tweaked it” to make the picture represent my plot by matching the tree to the photographs of the Spirit Tree and adding the ribbon skirt on the young girl. I’m thrilled to collaborate with them and share their art and  with my written work.Gail

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