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On a cold winter’s night….

Baby— it’s Cold Outside! Time to snuggle up with a good mystery and a cup of something warm.
Check out one of my “Deception” novels – The most recent being “The Spirit Tree Deceptions,” about a Native American woman who was kidnapped and disappeared. What happened and how she won her freedom is a great story for a cold winter’s night! Find it on Amazon .com or send me a message. I’ll get it to you!


Love those reviews!

Thank you to those of you who have posted a review on Writers always appreciate comments by their readers. Your reviews validate our hours of research, thought, dedication, and just plain hard work.

If you’d like to add your comments, go to and find my name and/or book title and click on the stars for reviews. Add your thoughts. It always brightens my day to know another person has read my novel!