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The Kitchen Sink Updated…2018

Gail Lee CowdinWhen I began my blog, I decided to call it The Kitchen Sink. It was intended to be a bit of this…a bit of that. Some of it being messy, cluttered, stacked and wedged in piles like those dirty dishes from the day’s meals waiting in the sink. Bits of ‘food’ left from dining that need to be cleared up.
And since I began the blog three years ago, the “kitchen sink” has been just that. I’ve written about my mother with dementia, my issues with time, family, my dog, days spent just getting by, and days of writing until I could finally publish my first book, and then my second. (That was a surprise!)
Some days, writing comes easy, and I can’t stop. It’s as if some other person has inhabited my mind and is dictating what to write. I don’t know where it’s going, but it quickly fills page after page. Other days it’s just a ‘slogging through the slough’ kind of struggle. (I guess that’s an image from the days I tagged along hunting ducks with my husband and son.)
All in all, though, writing is a release. Thoughts and ideas flit through my brain demanding attention. And what am I to do? I just write it all down. Afraid I might forget some poignant thought? Hardly! Just driven to clarify, demystify, organize, and put the pieces together in a nice order. To make some kind of sense. To clean it up, wash and dry those dishes and put them back in the cupboard. That’s what it is. And sometimes, the dishes need to soak a bit before they can come clean. See what I mean? It just takes patience. And then, in the right time, all of it will come together. There may be another book in there. Who knows?Gail