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The Kick Off for The Spirit Tree Deceptions

The Kick Off for the Spirit Tree Deceptions  on December 1st was a success and well attended!  The entire supply of books disappeared and more have been ordered and already have readers waiting. Everyone enjoyed meeting Rosie and David Floyd who did the cover. Rosie did the painting and David did the AI adjustments to make the picture match the story I wrote. Thanks to everyone who joined us! T

Book Signing December 9th

The signings for The Spirit Tree Deceptions begin:

Wishing Springs Gallery in Bella Vista has graciously asked me to visit for a signing Saturday, December 9th, from 12-4. My friend and artist Rosie Floyd who created the artwork for the cover will join me. Books make a great Christmas gift! … and art included makes it better! Join us!



It’s NaNoWriMo Month.

It’s NaNoWriMo for writers. It’s all about the challenge for writers to write 50,000 words during the month of November. I’m working on it. Sometimes it’s a struggle. The question in the back of my mind is often, ‘Is this any good?’
Sometimes, the best advice comes from other well-known, experienced writers who help and encourage other writers to keep on keeping on.
Check out the link from Diana Gabaldon below. Her blog provided me with much needed encouragement. (scroll to the top of the page when you get to the blog.)
In the meantime, I’m moving along at a turtle’s pace. Up to about 28,612 words—and I’ve been working on it since October! That’s 100 pages and 9 chapters. And, I’m not even half way through telling the story of young Grace Memengwhaa Weber, an Ojibwa Native American.