HERE YOU GO: THE FOURTH EPISODE OF A NORMAL DAY IN THE LIFE:(if you missed the first three episodes you’ll have to see my previous posts on my webpage @gailleecowdin.com or to my authorFB page at Gail Lee Cowdin)

Hank needed to pay for the Schwann’s order, and left the man standing at the door as he went to the entry closet to retrieve my purse. At the time, I didn’t give it a second thought, being preoccupied with the baby I was holding while trying to corner and contain the dogs, Mel (for Hormel) and Oscar (for Oscar Mayer). I shooed them into the den and with an elbow, flicked the door shut. Mel and Oscar set up an even louder indignant ruckus, but at least they weren’t going to be escaping out the front door again.
When I returned, I found Hank handing some cash to the Schwann’s guy and accepting an armload of frozen pizzas, meats and ice cream. He turned quickly toward the kitchen. I supposed he was headed to the freezer. As he walked past me, he said, “You and I need to talk!” Well, the jig was up, I guess. He’d found the money stash, because he’d just been digging in my purse. So much for the surprise I’d planned.
I watched him walk away and was just turning back to the door when a head with a green and gold knitted Green Bay Packer’s hat popped around the corner. It wasn’t the Schwann’s guy. I saw the Schwann’s guy beyond him climbing into his truck and pulling away. This Packer’s hat guy kept his head tucked, squatted down, quickly reached around the corner, and deftly grabbed the strap of my purse. He slid it toward the open door, gave it a sharp tug to flip it over his shoulder, and took off high-stepping it through the snowdrifts in the front yard. It had to be the man from the pick up! He zigged a bit to circle a tree, jumped over some low shrubs and headed straight for the truck. I had to admit, he might have made a good runner in the Olympics.
I screamed after him. I think I might have even called him a few names. The Grands were all present, so I did have to watch my mouth. I do know I used the “B” word, though, and I think the guy knew I was pretty mad! Hank came hurrying back and stood at the door with me. There we were, two inept grandparents, letting a puny Packer thief abscond with my savings. I was so angry! There was no way I was going to put up with that! I turned to Hank, and said, “You’d better get your coat, Grandpa!”Gail

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