Move On and Move It!

One can be overwhelmed with sadness, fear, and negativity just by following the news reports and the ensuing social media responses. But we can’t let that negativity control us.
There are so many positive things happening in the world today. People are stepping up to help one another in many areas. Water being made available in third world countries is a start. Providing shelter and medical aid to all those in need here and abroad is another. Advances in fighting cancer and Multiple Sclerosis are moving so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. Exploration into space is fascinating and will lead to advances in our lives. I also believe genome research and stem cell studies will change our world in a most positive way. All of this happens daily without a media blitz seeking the sound bites or social media commentary and negative, hateful opinionating.
The economics and politics of our world may change. Our world is infinitely smaller than it was in the 1950’s. We lived in our own ‘fictional’ world then. Rose-colored glasses blotted out the nastiest elements that we didn’t want to know about. It was the world I grew up in. I loved it, but I wouldn’t go back.
I’m happy that my grandchildren will quite possibly see the end of lung, brain, and breast cancer, help for paraplegics, cures for diabetes, an end to Alzheimers. There is so much yet to learn, and so much hope to be gained.
I’m excited for this time and this world in which my grandchildren will see a change in how we travel and less use of fossil fuels. I can only imagine! The future worlds of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Back To The Future which seemed just fiction only a couple decades ago, are already becoming reality. Remember Luke Skywalker regrowing his arm? I think it’s gonna happen! And lots more!
I prefer to go and grow. Learn and gather. Move on and move it. I have confidence that we can rise above the fears, anger, and disillusionment of today.
Our world will change. We will have bumps (and some mountains and valleys) along the road. If we can join together, put aside differences, put our minds to a positive future, we can make a difference. We have done it before. We can and should do it again. – for our children and grandchildren – for a better world!

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