Planning Ahead

With the season turning to fall, it is easy to find so many enjoyable distractions. I’ve been very busy doing just that – being distracted! Walks in the morning with our dog Tilly often begin my day.

Then there’s my volunteer work for Altrusa International. Literacy is our focus. (Isn’t that appropriate?) We are busy providing books for children in preschool, dictionaries for third graders, and restoring lost classroom books and library books for schools in flooded Baton Rouge, LA. Volunteerism also leads me to the local library where I have the opportunity to teach a group of young writers. It’s all good!

So you can see that I can find all sorts of distractions to keep me from doing the writing I need to do on the Deception and Redemption sequel. But Quay Thompson and his partner Samantha Atwood are always on my mind. They are characters who lead very real lives. – at least in my mind. I’ll share them with you soon.


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