Still at work…

Doing some re-editing on Deception and Redemption before I republish it along with The Final Deception. — Yes, there’s a reason it’s taking this long. Yes, I’m still at it!
Just ran across this bit of description and feel like I’m reading it all anew. I guess that’s good! …

Within minutes, they were airborne over Duluth and turning inland away from the sun-sparkled, teal-blue body of water beneath them. Quay and John surveyed the disappearing maze of streets and buildings, replaced with a carpet of trees that became thicker with each mile. Splotches of greens, browns, and occasional blues of open water flew by. Occasionally, the trees would part to reveal a small building or cabin nestled among the trees. Small dirt roads wound through the trees, looking like velvet brown ribbons connecting buildings. The overall effect was that of a dot-to-dot puzzle, thought Quay.
“How soon will we be there?” Quay asked, looking at his watch. It was after noon already. He hated sounding like a little kid who’d just climbed into the family vacation vehicle, but Charlie Frank was a loose cannon. Who knew what he was going to do once he got to his cabin? Who knew what he’d do with or to Sam? What’s more, Quay was still was trying to comprehend Charlie’s mysterious reaction to their appearance at Cameron. This whole thing didn’t make sense. His accusations against Quay sounded paranoiac. Could Charlie have fallen that far off the deep end? What was Charlie Frank afraid of? What was he into? There had to be something else that was driving him.
Quay was fairly certain that Charlie Frank was just a small part of a much larger picture. That said, none of this was good. This was part of a larger operation, more than a case of a couple murders ordered by a crazy, vengeful former cop.


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