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Follow the fast-paced, page-turning adventures of bubble-gum chewing Detective Quay Thompson and his partner Samantha Atwood as they follow Bureau of Criminal Apprehension cases from the Minnesota Boundary Waters and the North Shore of Lake Superior to the beautiful Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas. Each new case takes the duo on a spell-binding journey connected with real-life current events.




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2 thoughts on “Looking for a Good Mystery? The Time is Now!

  1. “Dark Deceptions” is the third book in the “Deception” series and it continues to feature Quay Thompson and Samantha Atwood, who work for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. As the story continues, Quay and Sam are married in a lovely outdoor setting on Minnesota’s North Shore. Sara Atwood, Samantha’s sister, is a surprise guest. Sara has brought some dangerous information from her job at a copper mine in Arizona and fears for her life. Quay and Sam agree to help and protect Sara and the mystery begins.
    The author takes us on an exciting journey that begins at a large copper mine in SW Arizona, continues on to Minnesota’s North Shore, before moving to the old lead mining area near Joplin, Missouri. We are introduced to many interesting characters, some of which are up to no good. The author has an unique talent to plant story seeds, only to be revealed later in the book. The reader is left to wonder what is next.
    Quay and Sam decide to take their honeymoon in the Ozarks while searching for answers. How is a copper mining operation in Arizona connected to proposed mining sites in the Minnesota Boundary Waters and Gravette, Arkansas and a closed mine in Picher, Oklahoma? A major illegal operation is suspected – but what is it. Assisting Sam & Quay are the FBI, DEA, a Joplin Police Chief and members of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
    Before the dark deception is revealed, the investigation continues on many fronts. A sharp reader is wondering what part Spencer Atwood plays in the mystery. Spencer is the brother of Samantha and Sara, a brother neither has been in contact for many years. This all leads to a surprise ending. An exceptional read!
    Sheldon Bearrood

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