Need Something to Help Warm Up?

Too cold to venture out? Time to stay in and warm up! Grab a warm drink and settle in by the fire with this fast-paced, modern thriller. Set in southern Minnesota, The Final Deception, by Gail Lee Cowdin, is the second Quay Thompson detective thriller. BCA Detective Quay Thompson answers a call to investigate a murder at a Twin Cities highway rest area, when he receives a frantic call from a female suspect who had disappeared after a being wanted for questioning in a previous case. In a surprise twist, Sunni Hyun, swearing her life is in danger, pleads with Thompson for help and protection. With Hyun in custody, Thompson and his partner Samantha Atwood think they have things under control and head to a safe house in Southern Minnesota, but their world is turned upside down when they come under attack. Chip, a young golden retriever belonging to Sunni Hyun, becomes an important player as the BCA team is pulled deeply into the world of futuristic CRISPR research involving gene editing, international espionage, and murder. The BCA team works together in a race to stop more murders and the theft of critical research data by a foreign source.
“Started reading and could not wait to see what was going to happen next. Suspenseful throughout!” -D Steffen
Available on Amazon in paperback and on ebook.

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