New thoughts…new plot….

It’s a rainy day…good day to write a bit. This is what’s been cooking with Quay and Samantha. Just a taste – #newbook?
#newplot? #DeadlyDeception?

Quay Thompson stood with relaxed attention taking in the day around him, as he waited, thinking about what he was about to do. The breeze, bringing with it the scent of fresh pine, was just enough to make the tops of the aspens whisper. The crystal blu lake glimmered in the distance, diamonds sparkling adornment to the moment.
He was sure. This was right. It had taken him a while to accept that he really wanted to, needed to, had to have Samantha Atwood in his life forever. He’d asked. She’d agreed. After having their lives turned in directions they hadn’t understood or wanted, they’d climbed over mountains, bumbled through the dark tunnels, and slid into the valleys, before they’d marched out as stronger, better people. Now, they just wanted to be together. That was all. That was it. From here on out, they’d face those mountains, tunnels, and valleys together.
Quay looked at the friends and family surrounding him and smiled confidently. They all were here to support him and Sam. Mike Bergman, or Super Mike as they had dubbed him, their boss at the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, stood silently waiting. Next to him Steve Boogie Schroeder, the top BCA tech man and a great friend to both of them, waited. Quay noticed he’d even cleaned up for the event. Boogie would normally be found at his desk behind several computer screens in a well-worn pair of jeans and an old sweatshirt. Boogie held the leash of a golden retriever Chip who sat at attention scanning the people as they chatted nearby. Chip, the BCA adopted mascot, was a perfect addition to their team. Boogie was his caretaker during the day, but Sam and Quay got to enjoy him when they weren’t working. Chip’s playful antics had brought a few laughs to more than one tense moment. Quay noticed that Chip was wearing a black bowtie around his neck over his collar. Boogie’s idea, he assumed.
Sam’s sister had arrived and was being led down the path by Quay’s nephew Adam. She was shorter than Sam with dark hair and dark eyes. They didn’t look at all like sisters, he thought. They’d never been close until recently when Sheila had reached out to Sam. The two girls had one brother Shane, but they didn’t know where he was. Sheila had been trying to track him down. He was older by about eight years. He’d left home when the girls were still in their early teens.

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