I’ve had this image rolling around in my head for a couple weeks. Everyone keeps asking if there will be another book. I really don’t know, but THE WEDDING keeps popping up.
My two heroes Quay and Sam from the first two books are getting married. They must. And I can picture it. I began to write it down this morning, and Quay took over describing the scene. It’s just beautiful, down by the lake (Lake Superior of course), with all the family and friends from BCA in attendance. (Even Chip the golden retriever is there.) And Sam’s sister is there. She’s new. A little mystery there. And they have an older brother. (I didn’t know that, either.) But they don’t know where he is. Then something happens. I’m not sure what. Guess I’ll have to wait for that to happen as Sam walks down to met Quay on their wedding day. Should I continue???Gail

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