Beginning with Deception #3

Most of you know I’ve been working on book #3. Working title is just Deception 3 for now. I’ll share a few lines with you as I can. If you remember the two main characters Quay Thompson and Samantha Atwood, you also know that they became engaged at the end of the last book. Now, it’s time for wedding before the wild ride into Deception begins.(And it will be a wild ride – right down here to Arkansas! But it begins on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.) Here you go:

The dawn began creeping just above the horizon with opaque, foggy damp misty feathers skimming low over the lake. Gulls had awakened, too, and were taking turns swooping and skimming over the waves searching for a breakfast of fish swimming near the surface. Their harsh squawks echoed through the mist. He glanced up catching movement further along the edge of the woods and watched as a doe and her two fawns stepped gingerly out of the brush, ears up, and white tails twitching. The searching birds and the deer had come at daybreak to the shore to meet the coming of the full sunrise. It was going to be a perfect day for his wedding.
He noticed the lights snap on up in the house. The family was up and moving about. Quay stood, stretched to his full 6’4” height, and began a slow climb back up the trail to the house, using his hiking boots to dig for traction into the pine needle strewn path. The wooden screen door screeched open, and Samantha Atwood poked her head out scanning the area until her eyes lit on Quay ambling up the path.
“Quay! What on earth were you doing down there so early? It’s barely light out. And it’s a wee bit chilly, don’t you think?”
“Got coffee! It’s okay,” Quay lifted his mug in demonstration and flashed a quick smile. He approached her and pulled her to him with a quick kiss. “How’s my bride-to-be this morning?”
“I’m great! The forecast is for a perfect wedding day!”
“The weather guy said that? A perfect day for a wedding?”
“Yeah. Well, something along the line that it was going to be a perfect day. I assumed he meant it would be perfect for our wedding.” She smiled, gave him a quick squeeze, kissing him back.
“Mmmm. You smell good. Love that spicy musk cologne you’re wearing. We may have to move the wedding time up!” She winked, gave him another quick hug, and grabbed his hand, leading him into the house. He chuckled and followed after her.


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