More Deception working draft:

And a few more lines for you from the new Deception#3:

The shadowed form in the woods crouched low into the brush. Field glasses focused on Quay Thompson, then Samantha Atwood Thompson, and finally on Samantha’s sister, Sara Atwood, and lingered there. He was too far away to hear the words, but he could tell that the wedding ceremony had been completed. Sara Atwood had been surrounded the entire time. She would come into view, and then someone would step in next to her, while someone else stepped in front of her. Even during the wedding, he had not been able to get a clear view of her for any length of time. He wondered what she had told them about the memo she had read. They had to know something. They were obviously protecting her. He doubted if they really knew what they were protecting her from. If they had known, they would have had a much larger force present to watch out for her. And they’d have been searching for someone like him in the woods. Perhaps she hadn’t told them everything, he thought. He hoped not. For her sake.


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