Chapters of the new Deception sequel

I have had a number of questions asking about how the new book is coming along. I must tell you I have been busy writing, and the sequel to Deception and Redemption is coming along quite well. The book is falling into place nicely, I believe. In response to reader requests, I have decided to title the chapters. So far, this is what I have. Lots more to come! Let me know what you think.

CHAPTERS of Deception 2

CHAPTER 1 In the Beginning – January
CHAPTER 2 A Rest Stop Killing
CHAPTER 3 A Name From the Past
CHAPTER 4 Something Familiar About That Woman
CHAPTER 5 The Decision
CHAPTER 6 A Dog Named Chip
CHAPTER 7 Eluding the Trackers
CHAPTER 8 The Safe House
CHAPTER 9 Sunni’s Story
CHAPTER 10 The Ambush
CHAPTER 11 Saving Quay
CHAPTER 12  Recovery


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