Deception sequel update

I’ve been busy writing again. The sequel to Deception and Redemption is coming along very well.  Your favorite characters, and some not-so-favorite, have returned. You’ll be reintroduced to Quay Thompson from the Minnesota BCA, his partner Samantha Atwood, and the mysterious Sunni Hyun who fled when her involvement of the Cameron BioTech espionage and murders was discovered. And a new character has become a part of the story, a one-year-old golden retriever named Chip. Just a couple teasers  from the new book for you:

The afternoon sun had slipped away. Winter’s night had settled in with its biting edge. It was gong to be another frigid night. Quay grabbed the collar of the young golden retriever and led it to his truck. The dog jumped into the back seat willingly. As Quay slid into the driver’s seat, the pup stretched across the seat toward Quay and gave Quay a quick slurp of appreciation on his ear. Quay jumped away, and turned to look at the pup; it promptly planted another wet kiss right on Quay’s mouth.

“Ugh! Dog! What’s that for? You’re sure a friendly fella!” Quay reached around to the back, pushed the dog back, and scratched the dog’s ear. The dog wagged more happily and slapped a paw onto Quay’s arm as if it was holding onto him.

The pup they’d learned was named Chip. At least that’s what the tag on his collar said. He happily wagged his tail in greeting as Sam climbed into the truck. Sam turned in her seat to greet the pup.

“Hi, fella! You’re a good boy. Now you need to sit. Can you sit?”

The dog looked intently at Quay with its liquid brown eyes and promptly sat.

“Awww,” Sam cooed as she reached back to pat the happy dog.

“What are you going to do with him, Quay?”
and then…
Quay was just about to put the truck in gear when the phone in his pocket rang and then switched to his audio on the car phone. Quay looked at the ID and sighed. He didn’t recognize the number, probably a misdial. But he clicked the answer button on his steering wheel anyway.

“BCA, Thompson,” he announced.

“Is this Quay Thompson?” The soft voice was a woman’s.

“Yes. What can I help you with?” His voice didn’t hide the irritation he felt.

“I need your help. They are going to kill me! I can’t get away from them. “ The voice was breathless, whispered, feminine. Frightened. She had an accent. Maybe Asian. The l’s came across as a soft ‘r’ sound.

“I know you have been looking for me,” she continued. I have the information you want. I can solve one of your cases. Just help me, please!!!” Her words were rushed and running together.

“Who is this?” Thompson demanded. “This had better not be a prank. How’d you get this number? I’m not in the mood for pranks tonight.”

“Sunni Hyun. This is Sunni Hyun.”

Quay Thompson sucked in his breath and looked at Sam. She had listening to the phone call, too. Both turned around simultaneously and scanned the area. Where was she?

“Sunni Hyun? Sunni Hyun? Really? I’m supposed to believe that. You’re calling me? Why? How do I know it’s really you? How did you get this number?”

            Thompson felt like his heart had just stopped. The dog raised his head at the different tone in Quay’s voice. Quay reached around for the pup absently reassuring him with a few strokes of his head.


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