The Kitchen Sink: Time

“Time is Such an Interesting Thing”

We use the word so casually. It is a fabric of our lives, a part of conversation, and it is the ultimate control factor.

Time is such an interesting thing. But we don’t think about it much. We take the word time for granted. We can talk about timing races, being placed in a time-out, setting the timer, running out of time, and doing something all the time. We ask a stranger for the time. We ask one another, “What time should I be there?” Or, “How much time does he have?” Or better yet, “Where has the time gone?”

Perhaps the most well-known reflection of time is the Ecclesiastes “a time to reap,a time to sow; a time to grieve, a time to dance; a time to build up, a time to tear down; a time to laugh, a time to cry; a time for war, a time for peace; a time for love, a time for hate,” etc. He pretty well covered it. That’s time in a nutshell.

I guess.

Time is such an interesting thing. We can say we will make time, but I’m not really sure of the science involved in that. How does one make time? That would involve creation. That would mean I’d have to create a finite number of seconds to put together into finite minutes, hours, days, years, etc. Well, that would certainly throw everything out of whack, wouldn’t it? It would throw our whole universe into chaos. What if everyone decided to make time for something? Say time for a quick nap, or time to read a book, or time to visit with a friend, family time. Would that mean that we would be adding time to our lives? I rather like that idea. Making time for the good things. Making my life longer and richer by making time.

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