From Dark Deceptions: A Quay Thompson Novel

I took a few days off for vacation, but the computer went with me. So I thought you might enjoy a little bit about some recreation time in Arkansas for Quay and Chip. #thetitleisset😀 #Itsgettingcloser #imstillworkingonit
–From Dark Deceptions: A Quay Thompson Novel–
The familiar quick tug on his line jerked him back to reality. The ensuing battle with the fish revived him. It turned out to be a good-sized bass. He smiled in satisfaction, dropping the fish into the live catch on board. He’d need a few more of those to make a good breakfast, he thought. He baited his hook again and cast the line back into the water.
It was just after seven-thirty when Quay nudged the boat back into its mooring spot at the dock. The sun was just edging into the morning sky.
Before he stepped out of the boat, he heard commotion up at the house, and looked up the walk to see Chip, just released by someone, and bounding down to the shore to greet him. Tail high, ears flapping, Chip made a fearless flying leap into the water creating an enormous ‘Moses parting the water’ splash. It was a perfect golden retriever dive, and his body dipped entirely underwater before his head broke the surface. He snorted once, and began smoothly paddling in a circle around the boat looking up at Quay all the time. Quay had to laugh at the dog’s pure delight.
“Good morning, Chip,” Quay said. “How’s my boy this morning? Are you having a good swim?” Quay stood for a moment allowing Chip to swim aimlessly in circles. Chip was in his element. He couldn’t take that away from him, and he let him swim a while longer. He tied up the boat and gathered up his catch. He had five good-sized bass. He left the rod and tackle box in the boat in hopes that he’d find more time later to fish. He climbed onto the dock, finally calling Chip to come with him.
Chip came up to the shore, and Quay waited patiently for the dog to thoroughly shake from head to tail, before he began the walk to the house. As he started up toward the house, he called again over his shoulder to the young golden who had become distracted by smells along the shore. “Let’s go, Chip. Time to go in. We’ve got breakfast.”

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