For those who ask, “How’s the book coming?” It’s coming along nicely! I’m writing for several hours daily. So far, Quay and Sam are married, and they (and a few new characters) have had some interesting adventures by the Boundary Waters along the North Shore in Minnesota. They’ve traveled south and have already been to Picher, Oklahoma, to the abandoned lead mine sites, to the Joplin, Missouri PD for meetings with FBI and DEA, and on to Bella Vista and Gravette, Arkansas, following the trail of–well, you know. 😁
They’ve even gotten into a chase through the Old Spanish Treasure Cave outside Gravette! Holy Buckets!!It’s a fun, wild ride, and it’s close to half done.
New title? Maybe The Foreign Deception. Not sure, yet.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read Deception and Redemption or The Final Deception, get them now so you’ll be ready for the third book in the series.
Just check out my author name or the book titles on amazon.com for paperbacks and ebooks. Now – Back to Work!

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